I am an Asian-Australian (an ABV to be specific). My interests and hobbies are primarily fandom/slashdom related.

Growing up watching Vietnamese dubbed Hong Kong TV series, I am familiar enough with TVB actors and actresses and to this day TVB news is still relevant to me. Through high school friends and the internet, my interests expanded to incorporate most of Asian popular culture. By this I include kpop, jpop, doramas, kdramas, Taiwanese dramas, Mainland Chinese dramas, anime and manga. Mind you, as mentioned above, I am particularly interested in slash and mm relationships. Thusly I hope not to receive any homophobic comments or be engaged in any homophobic discussions.

Other than fandom, my hobbies include studying languages (I am studying Japanese and Korean at the moment)…

If you’ve read this and it doesn’t offend you and if you’d be so minded, feel free to talk to me. I cannot promise to post very interesting things, but I am a gentle (albeit lazy) creature.



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